It takes courage, my love.

What does it take?

….to dream big and choose action over fear

… to work smarter and harder than you ever dreamt possible

… to have passion and never apologize for it

… to find balance when you’re riding the carosoul, afraid you’ll never catch up

…. to be authentic to your soul, your values and your beliefs

… to lend a hand, when it’s the last thing your capable of doing

… to reach out, when your prides too big seek it

… to be wife, mom, friend, family, employee, entrepreneur, disciple

… to hold on tighter, have faith and choose gratitude….always! 


All these things take courage, my love, but in Christ, all things are possible.

“When work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible.”  ~ Nancy Coey


The “Jug” ornament.


Each year, we add an ornament to our tree.

We make a special effort, to set out on an annual festive date and along the way, select our new addition. Typically, we choose something from the actual place of our date and today was nothing less.

This year, my wonderful husband treated me to that which I adore most; afternoon high tea. We ventured to the Little White House, an ultra swoon worthy heritage building, containing both a boutique and a cafe parlor. I was in heaven!

The lunch was delectable (not to mention the signature tea and hand-made sweets), but what was even more memorable was our time together. To be perfectly honest, this Christmas season has been anything but relaxed and fun filled. We’ve been burning the wick at both ends, trying to keep our business strong and our commitments and responsibilities in order. This weekend, after having  both arrived home close to midnight, we flopped down on the couch and stared at the wall.

We felt tired, emotional, disconnected and some-what ba-hum-buggy. (so every unusual for us holiday lovers) And the usual fixes like christmas movies, carols and baking, just weren’t cutting it. When you’re mentally exhausted and the things that normally fill you up aren’t working, you know its time to step back. In these times, we tend to loose light of the beauty that’s around us and the blessings we’ve been given. We both knew what needed to come first for a day: us. 

It took nothing more than a few connected hours and all felt right in our world again. We recounted this {astronomical} past year, dreamed about the future and counted our blessings twice. Almost finishing each other’s sentences, we expressed how full our lives are;  an outpouring of God’s love, grace, compassion. The result is two lives, now one, wonderfully rich in blessings. So, to represent this outpouring, this years ornament is a pitcher or a jug. Ours is full and for that, we’ve so grateful.

It’s safe to say, we fell in love all over again.

“Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at your from all sides. You know that under pressure, your faith life is forced into the open and shows its true colors.” ~ James 1: 2-4


Simply Profound.

Yesterday, I took some much needed “focused rest.”

I read, prayed, reflected and listened; to a seminar on ensuring God is the center of your life AND your business. It was exactly what my tired soul needed. I have to be honest….

After finally launching Kailey Michelle Events, I find myself exhausted, yet, I can’t say Im surprised.  Its more of a mental exhaustion than a physical one. The last month was a serious push. I spent hours each day, waist deep in text, formatting and the most consuming of all, initial blog posts. Being the over-achiever I, love/ hate about myself, I wrote 12. Not 5 like the recommended, but 12! I poured every once of my being into it, ensuring that at first glance, the right mood was set and at first read, my heart was overly prevalent.

And since that fabulous day, Friday October 7th at exactly 4:47pm, when the web read LIVE, my creativity’s been in hiding. My deep thought has left (if only for a while) and what’s replaced it, is an overwhelming sense of calm…. and peace and relaxation. I pray this is a good thing, but the marketing nerd in me is ANXIOUS! (understatement of the year)

“Get going.”  It says. “Comment. Write. Speak. Market. Connect. Network. BE BRILLIANT!” 

And then a voice whispers softly to my heart. “Be still and know that I am God.”

Sometimes I forget that He’s the one in control. He’s holding the pen, writing the story of my life; thoughtfully, careful and with intent purpose. I need not worry or fret. Nor do I need to panic myself into ON mode. It will come, in due time.

For now, I sit back and admire all that God created….in me. How beautiful is that?!

And I say, “It is good!”

ps: This sunset greeted me on my evening walk. It was so profound I stopped dead in my tracks for nearly 10 minutes. In that moment, He spoke; not in a loud voice, but in a gentle whispered breeze.