She eats take-out on Fine China.

Yes. This is me.

I  light candles when I brainstorm. I savour chocolate when Im creating. I use china for my omelet and love crystal for my water. I give favors at my parties and eat hamburgers on lace. I wear heels to the market and crank jazz tunes for dinner prep. 

I make fancy out of everything, because I want to and it makes me happy. In my world, every occasion is one worth celebrating and every moment is the perfect time to do it. And no matter how silly it may seem to some, to others it’s refreshing, appreciated and admired.

We are unique, each of us in our own way. We eat, sleep and breathe originality, but at times, we choose to shy away from that. Instead, we dare to see ourselves through others perspective,  carefully editing our actions, to produce a desired outcome… but, who’s desired outcome? 

Yes, at the heart of life, we all crave love: to be accepted, adored and maybe even cherished… both personally AND professionally. But, when we desire that more than authenticity, we shadow and stifle our own light. People see us not for who we really are, but rather a facade, that will eventually fall.

At times, it proves more difficult and warrants courage beyond belief,   but I’d rather be the best ME possible, than a decent second best of someone else!

So, I ask you today:

Who are you trying to be…… you or someone else? 


It takes courage, my love.

What does it take?

….to dream big and choose action over fear

… to work smarter and harder than you ever dreamt possible

… to have passion and never apologize for it

… to find balance when you’re riding the carosoul, afraid you’ll never catch up

…. to be authentic to your soul, your values and your beliefs

… to lend a hand, when it’s the last thing your capable of doing

… to reach out, when your prides too big seek it

… to be wife, mom, friend, family, employee, entrepreneur, disciple

… to hold on tighter, have faith and choose gratitude….always! 


All these things take courage, my love, but in Christ, all things are possible.

“When work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible.”  ~ Nancy Coey

Taking a Breath.

This last week, I’ve felt scared; so out of character, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the feelings. At first I let them fester, only to build and lead to a full out melt-down.

Before Kailey Michelle Events, I had a business face. I approached work with my black belt in Brand Management and followed a strategic list of steps, methodically memorized, to get from here to success. I never worried about how I was received, how I should market, how long it would take me to book business. I knew the drill and the “controlled planning” kept fear at bay.

Through the re-birth of my business, I lost that business face; more like smashed it to the ground. I shed the mask in favor of authenticity; me, front and center. While it’s beautiful in the making, reality leaves me shaking in my boots.

  • “Will people like the real me? my heart!?”
  • Will I book enough business?”
  • “Will people be turned off by public declaration of faith?” 

It manifests, I know. Couple that with everyone else’s opinions/ advice on what you should be doing,  and the mind begins to spin, in 50 different directions. 

And before you know it, your driving in the car screaming for God to calm you down.  Well, I would think!  😉 

And then He answers, through the honest words of a respected man. (He knew I’d listen)

“The rush to get to the next step makes us ignore the value of being where we are – seeing, feeling, experiencing.

We are so afraid of being left behind that we make everything a race.  Is it any wonder the stress we all feel to perform?  To create magic instantly?  When you build your business on speed of delivery and ultra-responsiveness you ignore the natural flow of creation.

There is theater to creative business.  If what you do requires three acts, there is no sense forcing it into one.  You rob your creative business of the arcs all great stories are built on.  Make no mistake, you, your art and your creative business are storytellers.  Selling the Cliff Notes version only gets you clients that have no appreciation for the nuance and necessity of time.

Take a breath.  Have your creative business take a breath. You cannot make it happen yesterday, but tomorrow will be more than worth the wait.”

Thanks Sean.  I needed that.