Your best year yet | New Years Resolutions that work

Are you tired of hearing about New Years resolutions? Or how about earnestly trying to keep them through the year, only to get to December 31st and realize you failed miserably despite your intent?

Do you crave purpose this your goals- to truly feel like you’re making a difference and achieving the things that matter most to you? You want to make strides in the areas you’ve longed to conquer, make waves in and see change. So do I.

God's will for our lives

That’s why today, I want to share two tools with you, that I have personally used, that work!
 They have helped me set goals that actually happen, assisted me in aligning my will with Gods and actively plan for the year ahead with focus and zeal!


Lara Casey’s Goal Setting

This is a series put together by Lara Casey, who I can say is just as Godly, passionate and inspirational in person as she is online.  Her goal setting series, is one I have done for the past few years and it has been revolutionary in helping me make goals that are focused on what matters most. It’s kept me not only accountable, but actually achieving my goals! I’m happy to say, 9 times out of 10, the things I’ve chased after happen each year and come december, I’m able to proudly say, yes! I kept my “resolutions” and it’s been a tremendous year of growth!

My two scents?
Once you’ve worked your way through the series and start to form solid goals, I would encourage you to keep these five points in mind…


Lara Casey’s Goal Setting Series Online

Lara Casey’s Goal Setting Powersheets for purchase


Discipleship Making Plan

Much of the time [me included] we make our lives about us and fervently pray for God to reveal his will for our lives. But hold on a sec. See anything wrong with that? Go back and read it….

In reality, this mentality is wrong. God has called us to align our lives, with HIS will, not the other way around!

He calls us  to love him with all our heart, soul and mind, to love others because he loved us first and to make disciples of all nations.

I didn’t see my error in this until I started listening to David Platt and Franis Chan. They’ve rocked everything I thought I knew about my faith and what a Christian life should look like!

Watching this was honestly the BEST and most precious movie I every watched. Period.

I digress…

David Platt compiled a booklet to help us align our lives with God’s will –  walking you through the process of seeing and using our days, our circumstances and our areas of influence for his greater good.  I would dare to say, these are what a true follower of Jesus’ goals should look like!

David Platt’s Discipleship Making Plan

More David Platt Resources 


Don’t be overwhelmed when looking at these pages or think of it like another To-Do!
But I would urge you to put great consideration into completing both these tools over the next while. They don’t need to be finished in a day or even a week. But instead, take your time to pray through each of them, setting goals that will help you to know God for WHO he is [not what he can do for us] and live with an eternity mindset.

I pray this is the year we get serious about chasing after him with everything we’ve got, no holds bar!


ps: Whether you’re reading this on January 1st, August 15th or December 10th, it’s never too late to start. Tomorrow, you will wish you had started today!



Social Media Free


Truth be told, I’ve never been a trend setter. I’ve always loved things long before they become cool or fancied them well after the entire world’s made it their own. Why? Who knows, but I’m ok that.
So keeping course with my usual self, I finally…. I mean finally “tested out” a social media free weekend. After all, I had to see what all the fuss was about!

Nah. Thats not fully truth.

I spent a good deal of time in therapy when I was a teen, learning to cope, manage and overcome my battle with anorexia, anxiety and every other derivative of OCD possible. Back then, before facebook, instagram, iphone and digital cameras that uploaded to social media, it wasn’t common for folks to take pictures of things other than people or events, unless they were a professional or an artist.

I lived constantly in the past and in the future, with no acknowledgment of the present or even my reality for that matter. One of my “prescribed medications” was a camera-  a good ol’ fashioned wined up disposable. Each week, I had to take photos of things that made me stop and look- something that caught my eye and brought me out of my “head” into reality, if even for a moment. Sometimes it was a stranger, a random finding, archetcture or simply nature. And after developing them and returning to my next session, photos in hand, we reviewed what it was- what emotion, sensation, feeling or longing is was, that tugged at my heart strings enough to make me stop.

Trust me. If you had been in my head, that was a feat of its own. But what I learnt so quickly was how much I had been missing! How beautiful life really was. How precious, meaningful, alive and story filled it was. I had been missing the opportunity to truly experience and live my own life- to write the chapters of my own adventure novel. I was too busy living the fictional one in my head.

The long and short of it is this. This simple lesson was the turning point in my recovery and to this day fuels my passion for taking photos; ordinary photos of simple, everyday moments that weave the beautiful story of my life – the ones I choose to celebrate.  Its how I honour God and thank him for the little things that truly set my heart on fire. [ my instagram obsession that started LONG LONG ago before it became a community, journal or business tool. The fact that I have people to talk to in it now is just a bonus!]

So back to my point and social media free weekends. I saw no need for it. I wasn’t addicted to social media. I no longer have a problem with living online vs in real life. I simply crave taking photos on the weekend when I actually have time to enjoy my hobby and eagerly anticipate it all week long! And come off it… whats the point of taking a photo of nothing without posting it to a social media outlet, right 😉 Well not really, but thats what’s become of our society, simply by habit and social acceptance. And the fact of the matter is, I fell prey to it too…

So on a whim, I decided to give it a try. How hard could it be? Three days free of social media and posting of my much loved “moment in time” snap shots. But truth is, it was difficult. So many times I found myself picking up my phone, simply because I had two seconds I wasn’t doing anything! [Heaven forbid I have to wait for the elevator,  for my dog to go pee or even myself for that matter. Admit it. You do it too!] Quickly I realized how much time there really was in a day to do the things I really really love, but never seem to get around to- like reading, editing photos, baking, crafting, taking baths and sitting, just for the sake of it! I had more meaningly conversations than I could count on one hand and truly felt like I was 100% present to love those right in front of me. I heard God’s promptings more clearing and I spend more focused and uninterrupted time in my devotionals. Simply put, I was a better version of me and life was that much MORE beautiful. I still took photos, but I found going back to them later in the week allowed me to re-appreciate all over again, that precious moment in time. And this week? I feel more refreshed, renewed and focused on what matters  than ever! Ready to give my days to the Lord more joyfully and strive to make further progress on my 2013 vision.

While I will openly admit, I didn’t see a “need” for social media free weekends in my life, I’m 100% on board here forward! Thank you Lara for opening my eyes and yet again encouraging growth, and a life lived on purpose… one of love, experienced from the inside.

Confession, I’m even considering getting rid of cable! God’s working on me though. In time …

My secret Weapon.

There comes those weeks when you feel the never ending weight of to-do’s. And while you move at lightening speed, placing every task to bed, the list seems never ending.  On those weeks, I want nothing more than to scream to the conductor,

“stop the carosoul and let me off!”   “Can I stop the world for even one day?!”  I beg. Please tell me you can relate!

I could blame the work load, my demanding projects, or simply complain about busyness, but reality is, no one but me can help myself. It’s in my hands to change my perspective and make my days count. And count they should!

After all, I’ve been blessed immeasurably so that I may be a blessing to others…. to you! 

And without fail, each and every time, like a defeated dog with my tail between my legs, I find a quiet corner to reflect, regroup and reignite.

Meet my secret weapon…..



While this beautiful image may be new, it’s principals are tried and true- the backbone to my rebirth with “Making Brands Happen.” I find, that when my weeks bare even the smallest resemblance to that above, I’ve slipped in one of these areas and lost focus on what really matters.

Anxiety. Comparison. Twitter (aka: my arch nemesis). Pinterest. TV. Long lists. Expectations.

________ Insert your energy sucker here. Because really, that’s what they are.

Rather than staying focused during the hours of “getting things done” you waiver, leaving the hours meant for “living,” a time for playing catch up. Meet the carousol!

So today, I encourage you: Get it out- Let it go-Focus- DO- and cut yourself some slack.

Do whatever you need to do, to be the best YOU, you can possibly be.
Because today is precious- it’s time to make it count!

Start Today.


You’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again…

  • what a difference a day can make
  • if I look back to a year ago, I would never have thought I’d be here
  • If you would have told me this, a year ago, I would not have believed you!

Truth: the common thread through all these sayings.

If I look at my own life or even the lives of my friends, the changes, growth and happiness that have transpired is one years time, is absolutely incredible.

One year ago…

  1. I was working a job a felt trapped in, too afraid to reach for my dreams…yet again and “fail.”
  2. I began to pray consistently, about everything… no matter how Big or Small
  3. I decided to lean on God alone, to guide me through the transitions and show me my path
  4. I took things day at a time and found happiness in each and every day, whether it was a small success in business, a great day with friends or a peaceful walk with my boys.

And Today, I can honestly say….

  1. I have never been happier and wake up every day smiling
  2. I have never been more content
  3. I no longer obsess about the future or where I want to be
  4. My anxiety and OCD, have lessened their stronghold on me
  5. My friendships, faith and marriage have strengthen and deepened to levels I never thought possible
  6. My priorities align themselves and reveal when things are out of whack
  7. I truly believe, 1 day, 1 talk, 1 pray or 1 meal can change my attitude and outlook
  8. I saw clearly, for the first time, why things fell the way they had and learnt more from my “failures” than ever
  9. God revealed His awesomeness, once I gave up control and let him!

Sometimes, the tiniest seeds harvest the greatest successes.

So, today, I dare YOU….

Plant a seed today.
Plant what matters to you.
Do not let fear, doubt or anxiety stop you.
Just do it, nurture it and watch it grow.