When You’re Feeling Empty and Need to Be Filled… with Joy

You’re asleep now and my heart bubbles over with moments we shared this morning as a family:

cuddles and cartoons on the couch,

playing blocks and colouring on the floor,

dancing and singing to worship music turned loud,

jumping and bum drops on the bed,

an hour long tub party that ended with daddy rocking you amidst the suds, while you nestled in the nape of his neck and asked for lullabies on repeat.


These simple moments of connection- the everyday ordinary moments- are so full of grace we scarcely miss them them if we’re not careful.

Life can beckon us to move, to do and to go, when The Lord calls us to draw near, to be still and linger a little longer.

But for too long I didn’t listen. I missed my vary life ; that is until

you came along and turned my life –my heart– inside out.


You showed me where life is truly found.

Where joy, peace and love are hiding.

But they aren’t really hiding. They’re right there for the taking; we must just choose to be present to receive them.


Seasons change and so do our circumstances but these things remain.

Rooted in Christ and found with eyes wide open to the people and the moments right in front of us, peace, joy and love remain: always, unchanging.

Love mom.



When you want to love your life and find happiness that lasts

I caught myself saying it out loud. “What a perfect day.” 

It’s wasn’t anything overly flashy or orchestrated. In fact in had been the complete opposite! But if I’m honest, that’s exactly the way I like it… These days, that is.

Years ago, I craved the monumental moments; the scheduled and fussed over moments. But in the last few years, God has changed this heart so dramatically, I hardly have words to describe it. 

“What did you love about today?” He asked me.  And like breath of habit, I began to count the ways…

A slow morning over French press coffee and cinnamon buns. One so slow that I savoured every last drop and remember precisely where we were sitting and how we were playing together and giggling as a family. 


Nap time afforded us a moment to connect and remember that before her, we were each others first. Then together as a family, we ventured to the pool for another “first” watching our daughter splash through the pool like an old pro. Watching her delight and squeal brought me more joy and pride than I could contain. And watching him play with her… Well that was simply icing on my mommy heart cake! 

Then there was the stroll to the grocery story and our chalk art on the walk; Our family dinner on the patio and an evening walk to see the ducks swim at sunset. 


Bedtime cuddles and smooches and prayers for a tired baby; my heart could nearly burst…

So many ordinary moments that make up extraordinary treasures. 

As I scrubbed the dishes, I found myself pouring out thanks to my Father in Heaven. Over and over I kept repeating it out loud: “Thank you, Father. Thank you…” As if the more times I said it, the more he’d understood how utterly dumbfounded I am by his overwhelming gifts to me.

So simple and yet all together profound. 

Because truth is, words fail to express the gratitude I house in my heart for the ways my Lord has blessed me. For the gifts themselves, down to the ways he’s opened the eyes of my heart to see them and receive them in thanks.

Our home, this little town, my family and my friends: this life- my reality-  is more than I ever dreamed of! And a decade ago, I would have wished it away for something else- for something “more.”

I almost missed my life.  I was  too busy chasing the next thing and distracted by my pursuit of becoming. I had never yet arrived, nothing was ever good enough and there was always more to be done. That is until I learnt the art of counting: counting gifts.

In the counting of everyday ordinary moments that I was grateful for, a shift occurred in my eyesight… and eventually in my heart. The day’s turned from exhaustive and laboured, into a treasure hunt for all the good and beautiful. Over and over again, I witnessed an outpouring of Gods love for me personally.

They were always there, I just hadn’t seen them. It wasn’t until I started looking that I truly began to see.

It isn’t what you look at that matters. It’s what you see.


Too often we become numb to the good right in front of us.

We make statements that “we are blessed,” and “God is good,” but how often do we truly stop and thank God directly?

How often do we truly acknowledge and soak in how lavishly and endlessly we are provided for and how he delivers on his promises to us.

And how often do we give thanks  in every moment- the hard moments- not just the good and easy ones? 

Research shows that those that practice daily gratitude are 25% happier, regardless of any change in their life or circumstance.  And I know in my own life, it was this practice that opened my eyes to truly seeing God alive and active in my life and I found unquenchable joy.
I stopped thinking of God as some “head in the sky” and began to see how he cared about the fabric of my everyday life; that he was a GOD in the details!

Join The Gratitude Challenge, a movement aimed at making gratitude and joy a lifestyle. Because it’s in this lifestyle that we see God’s true character, discover he cares for us personally and come to know that he is good. In experiencing His love, we are transformed!

“People don’t care what you know until they know how much you care.”

Give God the opportunity to show you! You never know what you’ll discover; maybe a life and love beyond belief.


I double dog dare you: take your life and relationship with Jesus to the next level with the Seeking Grace “Gratitude Challenge Worksheet.”  Or if you prefer, grab a journal and start counting!

Gratitude WorksheetDSC_0197DSC_0081

Need more encouragement? Grab a copy of 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp. This book helped transform my heart of and gave me a new life.


Symphony of the Creator

I woke to gentle light pouring in on the first day of spring.
Pulling the curtains back, I am still not yet accustomed to the dancing of sun on the inlet below.


A symphony of song birds bid me good morning and the gentle tune my mother would sing me as a child lingers…


Good Morning to you. Good morning to you. Good morning, good morning. it’s lovely to see you!

With the window cracked, I can smell the great outdoors.
Spring is coming.

People walk the wooden water path.
I smile.

Goodness I love where I live.


For far too long, I’ve praised the creation of my tiny inlet village, rather than the one who’s hand brought it into existance.

And it wasn’t until I read those words that my ignorance struck me.

Untitled 3

Every time you feel in God’s creatures something pleasing and attractive, do not let your attention be arrested by them alone, but, passing them by, transfer your thought to God and say: “O my God, if Thy creations are so full of beauty, delight and joy, how infinitely more full of beauty, delight and joy art Thou thyself, Creator of all!” –  Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain

As I’ve counted my gifts, my mind has awed at the mundane graces before me. My body has bowed to the luxuries of everyday ordinary. My soul has found solace in a thanksgiving harvest of simple.

DSC_0312DSC_0259 DSC_0594

But it’s stopped there most days.

Sure I can acknowledge The One behind these hidden gems- can recognize the need for orchestration in the treasure hunt of creation. But have I truly pondered it each time I’ve discovered my next prize?


Like the song birds… do I truly consider that their chorus resembles the way He sings over me, in anticipation of my waking?

The wind rustling through the forest trees and the dandelions swaying in the fields…they, the way He dances over me in joy and celebration of simply who. I am. not. what. I’ve. done.


The reflection off the waters edge too striking to simply pass by – the vary nature of my own reflection in Him.

DSC_0437 DSC_0377

After all, I too was created in his imagine and am being refined more and more each day into the likeness of His precious Son!

I see it now, as the scales of ingratitude chip off my eyes.
My heart feels full. Almost radiant.. what is that?


Hope, He whispers, Longing for me.

A deep desire for the wholeness only I can give. .
Your heart knows it; it feels it.

You’ve entered my gates with thanksgiving, my child, and you’ve feasted your eyes on glory- looked straight into the eyes of your very creator.


I taste my miracle. Eucharisteo in flesh and real life.

This is the art of joy, of gratitude and praise!

Praise of The Creator, not the created.