I never set out to take photos and even still, I consider myself an amateur hobbyist. But truth is, I’ll forever be and I intend to keep it that way.

Because it was never about the photos to begin with; it was always so much more. DSC_0059DSC_0013IMG_9506DSC_0207DSC_0014

As part of my rehab from years of disordered eating, my counsellor encouraged me to live in the present and savour every moment for what it was, not what I wanted it to be.

Because up until that point, I was always living in my head, incessantly worrying and consumed by fear, regret and anxiety.

She gave me a roll of film and said to finish it within the week. “Bring the photos back next session and well go through them together.” 


When I returned, she questioned me with each one:

Why did I captured that moment? What did I see? What did I feel? What about it made me stop long enough to appreciate it? 

…Thus began my journey of gratitude and falling in love with life- my life– the one God gave me.

As I capture it with the lens, I unwrap the gift of now. 

DSC_0193IMG_0639IMG_0770IMG_1956DSC_0091DSC_0108D:S.:'C_0042So at the age of 18, I fell in love with photography.

But it isn’t the photo itself that thrills me, it’s the still moment in time forever captured…

one I can look back at a thousand times over and relive time and again.


Each photo that appears on my blog is an expression of my heart; an intentional thank you to The One who created it. It speaks far more than I could ever express in words, but my prayer is that even one moment captured, will speak to you the way it spoke to me… and point to Him. 

Photos are available for stock graphics, content creation, media use and print by request.

Family and Lifestyle Portrait Sessions Starting at $150.00 (45 min session). Includes individually hand retouched digital negatives. 






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