Meeting Jesus [Video]

For each of us, our walk looks different.

Some meet Jesus in their early years through parents and a strong church community. Others find him in the dark spots or stumble unknowingly into his arms. Still others discover him at the end of themselves, when everything they know and everything they’ve tried has failed to deliver the joy they thought life would bring.

I had my kingdom here, I had my thrown
Had everything I could need 
I put my world on empty promises, empty things
It ripped apart at the seams 

I had to crash, had to crash and burn, to find that You-
Love me even after
I am a disaster
And everything is shattered
On the floor
You pick me up and hold me
God, You are the only
Remedy my heart's been lookin' for
You're the cure - Disaster | The Newsboys

This was my path; one beautifully broken and imperfect…..

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7 thoughts on “Meeting Jesus [Video]

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