The Gratitude Challenge

Too often we become numb to the good right in front of us.

We make statements that “we are blessed,” and “God is good,” but how often do we truly stop and thank God directly?

How often do we truly acknowledge and soak in how lavishly and endlessly we are provided for and how he delivers on his promises to us.

And how often do we give thanks  in every moment- the hard moments- not just the good and easy ones? 

1000 Gifts Journal

We are called to lift our hearts up to the Lord and give thanks, for he is good! But do we truly believe he is? Do we trust in the depths of our soul that he is great, all the time?

Research shows that those that practice daily gratitude are 25% happier, regardless of any change in their life or circumstance.  And I know in my own life, it was this practice that opened my eyes to truly seeing God alive and active in my life and I found unquenchable joy.

I stopped thinking of God as some “head in the sky” and began to see how he cared about the fabric of my everyday life; that he was a GOD in the details!
God loves you more than your parents do and more than you, your own children. And he wants you to know it personally, feel it intimately and live in full confidence of it! He wants you to know him like a best friend and love him like a husband.
But how do we get there?

1000 gifts

Prayer is more an exercise for us, than it is for Gods own benefit; it takes our eyes and focus off of us and puts our hearts in line with his.  By looking up and giving thanks daily,  we enter his gates through praise and worship. Because grateful people are large hearted, with plenty of room for God to move in!

Just as in church and as the Lord’s prayer guides us, we’re encouraged to open our time with Jesus in praise. Before opening your bible or making requests of him, take time to acknowledge his hand in yesterday, say thanks for the blessings he’s provided and welcome the Holy Spirit to speak to you, revealing the ways God is working in you and the areas he deserves your deepest gratitude.

Prayer Journal

Join The Gratitude Challenge, a movement aimed at making gratitude and joy a lifestyle. Because it’s in this lifestyle that we see God’s true character, discover he cares for us personally and come to know that he is good. In experiencing His love, we are transformed!

“People don’t care what you know until they know how much you care.”

Give God the opportunity to show you! You never know what you’ll discover; maybe a life and love beyond belief.

Gratitude Worksheet

A one page template, designed in a cheery and uplifting format. Download today and print off as many copies as you’d like! 

Sign up and recieve your copy, within minutes!

Available in color. Sample shown in Black and White.
ps: Need more encouragement? Grab a copy of 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp. This book helped transform my heart of and gave me a new life.

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