For New Christians

1. Acknowledge Your Need for Jesus

If you haven’t already, take the time to personally invite Jesus into your life and into your heart.

You were created to have a personal relationship with God. He wants to know you intimately and hear from you. And the way to start this relationship is through his son Jesus.

Acknowledge your Sin
Sin simply means “fallen short” or “miss the mark.” No matter how good a life we live or what good deeds we set out to do, we fall short of Gods good and perfect standards. Hence we sin on a daily basis.

Recognize Jesus saved you
Thankfully, Jesus was sent to bridge the gap between us and God and take the consequences for our actions on our behalf. He took our spot on the cross and died in your and my place! In him, we are forgiven and made white as snow is God’s eyes.

The power of an apology
Like in any relationship, asking for forgiveness is a crucial part of
reconcilation. Take a moment to tell God you are truly sorry for the areas in life you’ve fallen short and sinned. Tell him you want to change direction in your life and that instead of running from him, you want to run toward Him.

Invite Jesus into your life
Your words don’t need to be fancy. God cares more about your hearts attitudes than what you say. Feel free to speak whats on your heart or repeat the following prayer…

“Lord, I see my sin for what it is and thank you for sending Jesus to die in my place, saving me. Today, I welcome Jesus into my life and heart as my personal Lord and Saviour. Thank you that through Jesus, I am forgiven and welcomed into a personal relationship with you. Amen!”


2. Develop a new routine that’ll nurture your relationship and help you mature in faith

It’s so important that you make time daily to talk with God and be in his word. It’s through his words, the Bible, that we experience God personally and by communicating with him directly in prayer, that we deepen our friendship with him.  Everybody’s routine looks different and there’s no right or wrong way. The important thing is that you make a daily habit of being in God’s presence and reading his word.


3. Get plugged in and surround yourself with others who can encourage you in your walk

If you don’t yet have a home church, it’s time to start looking! Remember though, no church is perfect and God will meet you exactly where you are.. be it the little church down the street or the big church in town. It’s simply important that you find yourself a “home” that feels comfortable and inviting.. a place you’re excited to go each sunday.
As Christians, we walk our faith each day. We don’t seperate our “sunday selves” from our “weekday selves”. Surrounding yourself with a group of other Christians is a great way to stay connected throughout the week, encourage growth in your personal faith and  answers questions on things you’re grappling with. In almost every church community, they have Life Groups, also known as small groups or home groups. Ask today and get connect as soon as possible.


4. Know without a doubt, you are loved!

I know when I first became a Christian I wondered many times if I truly was forgiven or if God really loved me, as oppose to tolerating me! As I asked around, I discovered many others doubting also, if the simple act of inviting Jesus into your life, was enough.
You see I was so accustomed to it being about “what I could do” rather than what had already been done for me. So I say to you in encouragement….
Understand that what Jesus did for you is a gift and accept it with deep gratitude and humility. Know there’s nothing you can do to change that. God will never love you more or less than he does at this very moment! No amount of good you will ever do or how many times you stumble and fall short, God will always be there to love you and embrace you with open arms.
​Each day, take time to remind yourself of God’s love, even repeating “God loves me, just as I am”  out loud. While at first you may not believe it, your heart will eventually catch up with your mind!


5. Let your actions speak louder than words

There’s no doubt that as you experience new found joy and excitment in Jesus, you’ll want to share it with others. But remember something; at one time you too were blind to your sin and your need for Christ and God still loved you just the same. He waited for you patiently to come to him and invite him into your life. Your friends and family are no different.
Sometimes our enthusiasm in sharing our new found faith can be intimidating to others, even at times misinterpretted as judgement towards them.
So as the old saying goes, let your actions speak louder than your words. There’s no doubt they’ll recognize the change in you and when they ask…. there’s your opportunity to share gently!
The best piece of advice a friend gave me early on, was to live your life waiting for the moment when people ask “What is it you have, that I don’t?”


6. Prepare for a renovation project

Don’t be fooled. Becoming a Christian doesn’t mean life is hunky doory or smooth sailing from here. As Jesus’ friend you’re bound to face challanges and trials- both externally within the world and internally, as God refines you into the best version of you, possible.
But don’t get discouraged, rather expect them!
Be in God’s word daily and become familair with his promises. So that when things do arise that test your faith, you’re confident in Christs presence through it all and will come out the other side stronger and more mature in your faith.



For a long time I felt unnoticed and longed for community- to find “my people.” You are it! Please know your presence here means something to me, so don’t be a stranger. I read every comment both on the blog and on social media and do my absolute best to respond to every one!

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