Essential Oils

I was a skeptic to begin with.

For a whole year, I rolled my eyes and thought it voodoo. But my health made me desperate. I was willing to try anything! •

Hesitant and leery, I dabbled for months. I stuck strictly to oils with legitimate health benefits or were familiar and safe, like lavender and eucalyptus; spa-like stuff. But it helped! And so I tried others.

Within months I was sleeping better, my breathing was easier, my emotions felt stable and my skin was glowing! People were starting to comment. 


Twelve months later, I’m a convert- a full blown essential oil junky. My way-too-big collection sits proudly on the kitchen counter.

Now a part of every routine, oils accentuate my skincare, hygiene, supplements, cleaning, washing, sickness and pain management.

But of them all, I anticipate daily the joy of oils during yoga, meditation and devotional prayer times.

Their very own love affair, Essential Oils have changed the way I do life…[Cont. Reading]


Not only do they work, they smell heavenly and they’re 100% natural.

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Personal Game-Changers:

  • Rosehip Oil:: skin moisturizer (for bright and dewy complexion each morning)
  • Frankincense Oil:: skincare routine (for real life airbrushing), diffused during prayer, meditation and yoga (for deep connection), and applied across my forehead, chest and stomach (as a blessing and annoiting each morning)
  • Lavender Oil::  diffused at bedtime (for flawless slumber.)
  • Peppermint Oil:: inhaled and applied to temples  (for ridding headaches) and diffused in the mornings or for an energy boost

Yummy Diffuser Combos: 

  • Lavender and Vanilla
  • Peppermint, Grapefruit and Frankincense
  • Lime, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang + Lavender
  • Rose, Neroli, Vanilla + Bergamot

Powerful Health Blends: 

  • Thieves – immunity support
  • Digize – tummy troubles and digestion
  • Dragontime – female wellness, moods and stomach issues
  • Eucalyptus, Peppermint + Purification – Nasals, cough + cold, air cleaning

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If you have questions or are interested in learning more, send me a message!

I can point you in the right direction for individual health concerns or hook you up with a few products to test yourself!



100% Natural, Handmade Bath and Body Products

  • “Wine Time Wind Down” – Body Roller, Body Spray and Salt Bath Crystals
  • “Happy Momma” – Hand Wash, Lotion, Body Spray and Body Roller 
  • “Reset: Let Go and Release” – Lotion, Body Roller, Body Spray and Salt Bath Crystals 
  • “In the Zone: Work Stress Creative Flow” – Lotion, Body Roller and Body Spray
  • “Pursuit: Energy and Focus”– Lotion, Body Roller and Body Spray
  • “Sexy Slumber” – Lotion, Bed and Body Spray, Salt Bath Crystals
  • “Think Happy” – Hand Wash, Lotion, Body Spray, Body Roller and Salt Bath Crystals 
  • “Sleepy Head Wakeup” – Body Roller and Body Spray
  • “Rest Easy” – Lotion, Bed and Body Spray, Salt Bath Crystals  
  • “Happy Hormones Mamma Blend”– Hand Wash, Lotion, Body Spray, Body Roller and Salt Bath Crystals

    custom gift sets by request.

 Every product is made with::

therapeutic grade, Young Living Essential Oils, natural ingredients – no chemicals, fillers or preservatives– and recycled packaging.


You can FEEL GOOD about what you’re putting on your body AND what it comes in!