Art Matters | My Soundtrack to this Season

The soundtrack to my life right now seems to be Lauren Diagle album, “How Can it Be.”

I bought it not realizing what I was getting into- no idea of the times it would bring me to my knees, to surrender, to the highest [most off pitched] key, to hands in the air like I just don’t care, to pouring my heart out in worship before God.

Every song, one after the other in constant succession, hits a place inside me so deep I can’t put words to it myself; as if she reached down, grabbed my pain and grabbed joy and turned my groans into prayers.


No matter what’s going on around me, the world disappears when I turn it on- my soundtrack to this season.

…. To this season of change, of struggles, of acceptance, of unknown, of trust, of perseverance, of refining and ultimately another layer of surrender.

…. Surrender and trust like I’ve never known it and for whatever reason, these songs has taken my mustard size seeds of faith and moved mountains on my hardest days. They’ve turned my mourning into dances and my aches into praises. 

Kailey-Michelle Photo810551676_764523193570096_6197494419858042435_oScreen Shot 2013-10-23 at 4.39.17 PMDSC_0126

So to you Lauren, I say thank you. And I thank God for you! That He gave you the courage to sing and to keep going even when it seemed hard or impossible. I have no doubt that it’s painful personal experience that brought you to these ballots.

Please keep going, because people like me need you and are counting on your art to touch spaces that are otherwise untouchable. 

And to you, the struggling artist, the closet creative, the one living in denial of your gifts. Use them, don’t squander them away! This world needs you. I need you!

Because it’s art that moves us and moves the mountains in us. It breaks the walls, removes the masks and whispers in ways we cannot deny.

God uses art to penetrate our defiant and aching souls. 


And there’s someone out there, right now, waiting for Him to use you to reach them.

Your story, your gift, your art matters.


One thought on “Art Matters | My Soundtrack to this Season

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