An Ever Persistent Pursuit

It was early, much earlier than I normally think to walk but the call to get outside was almost audible.

Just before I headed out I grabbed my bible, unsure why or where I’d get a chance to read. Little did I know He had a plan…


As I walked the old familiar path it was as if my eyes were seeing it for the very first time. My heart was so full of gratitude and joy, I could hardly contain it.

I can’t describe the feeling other than love- those butterfly beginnings of falling in love.

Then I opened my bible to this passage:


I literally had to laugh out loud. Really God?! That’s what you’re doing?

You see six years ago, my faith looked vastly different and I had yet to encounter, let alone grasp the concept of who Jesus is and how much he loved me.

I was still striving desperately to be a good person, do great things and make something of myself. I was still trying to earn love and acceptance… from not only God, but my friends, family – even myself.

But in this place, I found home and along the inlet trail, Jesus met me, revealed himself and began a transformational work in my heart. 

In the busyness of motherhood, I’d become angry, allowing the challenges of this season to steal my joy. I’d lost perspective, if only temporarily. I was frustrated that my encounters with God felt “lacking” and his nearness distant in the last few weeks.

But we both know that’s not the truth. It was me. It’s always me… who pulls away and chooses to be distant.

But in His ever persistent pursuing, he was bringing me back to the place where he first woo’d me like a man courting his bride- to the place I first met Jesus and so began my love affair.

IMG_0637IMG_0638 IMG_0640IMG_0639
Because up until then, I had only known religion. But it was here in this place, along these vary trails, that He showed me it wasn’t about allegiance but more like falling in love.

Yes that was what I was feeling; I was completely and totally overcome by His Love for me.



One thought on “An Ever Persistent Pursuit

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