Manna for the Moment

In the storm I saw his goodness and the ways in which he’s changed me – in the manner I dealt with people, the grace I gave myself, the humility I wore in servitude, the stress I kept at bay- all by his power and grace at work in and through me.

I claimed his promises. I counted 1000 gifts. I worshiped in the hail storm of circumstance.

He is good and he is finishing the work he’s started in me…

It took opportunity to show me, just how much he’s done. But sometimes when opportunity knocks, it comes dressed like Goliath or a crowd of righteous Pharisees, and you their servant slave.

Religiosity and Egos at their finest.

But He gave me everything I needed to simply take the next lit step, one foot at a time – my manna for that moment. [nothing more, I might add. Just enough to get through that situation, before moving to the next]

I clung to him with fiercely clutched palms, awaiting the break in weather or my arrival to the other side.

Not a minute before, the clouds broke and rays of sunshine flood down. My weary, tired soul found for rest- a rest he promised and deemed good.


One thought on “Manna for the Moment

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