Raised to NEW life

I’ve known Jesus long enough to know that becoming a Christian doesn’t make all your problems go away, or that the minute you decide to follow him your life suddenly becomes easy.

But it wasn’t until this year that God turned me on my head, shook me around a bit [in love and gentleness, of course ;)] and unscaled my eyes to what it really means to be a Christian. He took my complacent, comfortable faith that looked more like a “Christian spin on the American Dream,” and showed me what is truly means to Follow Jesus… to know him, love him and be his disciple.

Discipleship comes at a cost, as with all good things!  Scripture is clear that following Jesus is a narrow road and trials can be guaranteed on this journey. But consider the cost of non-discipleship.  As Dallas Willard writes…

“Non-discipleship costs abiding peace, a life penetrated by love, faith that sees everything in the light of God’s overriding governance for good, hopefulness that stands firm in the most discouraging of circumstances, power to do what is right and withstand evil.  In short, it costs exactly that abundance of life Jesus said he came to bring—that is life lived on its highest plane.”

For me, Baptism was an outward sign of this inward transformation. It was a public declaration that not only do I believe in Jesus, I choose to follow him… wherever he may lead me and in obedience to where he will call me.

And as I descended into the water, my old self- my ambitions, my expectations, my priorities, my past, my insecurities, my idols, everything- was buried with him and raised to new life…

… Not just a revamped version of my old self, but completely new! His love, His Mission, His purposes become my own; His strength, His victory, His wholeness now mine!

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As you move, I'm right beside you
Lord, I'm running after you
 I wanna be where you are
I'm chasing you, I'm so in love
 captivated, I just can't get enough
 I'll spend my days running after your heart
This life, this love
 Was always meant to be
 A wild crazy adventure
 Discovering, the thrill, the rush
 The more of you I see,
 The more it leaves me wanting your everything
you've won me heart and soul And where you lead I'll go
 Bethel Music - Chasing You 

While my journey’s been a windy road, I know this is just the beginning. Baptism was just an another step in surrendering and letting Go to a God who can be trusted and is worth far more than I could ever hope for on this earth.

I’ve merely tasted His love and goodness and I want more…. all of Him and less of me!

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