A thousand tiny purposes

No Eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him ~  1 Corinthians 2:9

Just reading this makes my heart start racing and my desire to jump up and down clapping, climb high… or the urge to run through the fields with 1000 balloons take flight. I feel freedom and joy surge through my bones.

I’ve struggled with “letting go” my whole life. The concept of “letting God” was more akin to physical death than a releasing of my grip on my life. I held every minute, every year and every chapter in my minds eye, carefully crafting the next bend, doing everything in my power to prepare, plan and make the transition seamless and easy. From the mundane of running errands, to the grandeur of building “my empire”, I craved perfection and stole the pen from the author of my story.


But how riduclous! How possibly can the character of a story write the chapters, with the limited view of walking each pages events?  Only can the author know the ending and the reader jump ahead to see whats coming. But the character? She must simply walk, step by step, through unfolding story of her creator.

How marvellous that we have the most exquisite, loving, creative and compassionate author; who so desires to use every line, every page and every chapter of our story for good. There are no meaningless moments, nor can we, as the character, steer our author off course. For he has already dreamt our story and carefully purposed every morsel- from setting the scene, to character development, through to the climax and the happy ending. He is writing a one of a kind masterpiece.

“God is accomplishing a thousand tiny purposes at any given moment around us. There is only so much we can know, but we can leave the stuff we cant know to God and believe he has it all worked out. It may feel quiet some day, possibly even forgotten, but God is moving to work out his plans all around us. What’s our part? To Trust” ~ Jennie Allen Excerpt from Restless

So with gladness and excitment, a keen desire to see my story unfold, I offer up this storybook as a blank canvas and humbly forefit the pen. For I know his plans are more beautiful and his ways more fashioned than this little character could ever muster. I want what he has planned, more than what I could ever create on my own. Why write a simple story, when I could be part of an award winning trilogy?

So I wait with eager expectancy to see him thread this life with purpose…

In every ordinary, simple moment, it will sing of his glory. In every unknown and scary passage, trust will display his power. And every victory and heightened climax will weave the knotted threads, that together create a master tapestry.

This is my life. Crisp white pages in the hands of my storyteller.


One thought on “A thousand tiny purposes

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