IF:Vancouver | IF God is real, THEN WHAT?


I am absolutely delighted, terrified and excited all at the same time, to announce that as part of Seeking Grace Ministries, we will be hosting IF: Vancouver, a IF: local initiative of the IF: Gathering.


What is IF?

“A fresh, deep, honest space for a new generation of women to wrestle with the essential question: IF God is real… THEN what? This 2-day gathering brings women together and wrestles out how to live out the calling God has placed on our lives.

In February, we are turning on the cameras live for our very first event. This feels very vulnerable and may be a little messy but we think what we all are craving is not a fancy perfect event but for God to move. We believe God moves through weakness, imperfection, unknowns and faith…. expect all of that. We will come together as women from around the globe to pray and begin to dream about the things God wants to do in and through us as a generation of women.” 


So if you’re in the Vancouver Lower mainland or Fraser Valley, I invite you to join the Seeking Grace Community for IF: Vancouver!

We’re keeping it simple, laid back and loose.
I ask for grace as I don’t have all the logistical answers on this one just yet, but I do know God is calling me to be a part of bringing this to Vancouver!

WHAT | IF: Vancouver

WHEN | February 7th-8th, 2014

WHERE | Vancouver BC

*exact venue will be determined based on the amount of women God calls to gather with us! 


To find out more information, please visit the events main website at www.ifgathering.com.

In the meantime, join our IF Vancouver Community to stay updated on progress and details of our local gathering as things come together.

I invite you to share this page with your friends and family, welcoming them to join you along side us!

I am SO looking forward to meeting many new friends through this journey… for such a time as this!


For a long time I felt unnoticed and longed for community- to find “my people.” You are it! Please know your presence here means something to me, so don’t be a stranger. I read every comment both on the blog and on social media and do my absolute best to respond to every one!

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