Ladder to the Stars

For many, dreaming is just that: Dreams. 

Lovely, wishful, illusions that take you to an out of body experience. For me, dreaming is a starting point.

It’s where I curate visions of my future, all I long for and desire. It’s where my heart meets my soul, in a place of wonder and curiousity. It’s where I plan and set the wheels of change in motion.

From a very early age, I was told I could do anything; be anybody I wanted and reach to heaven for the stars. I’d always laugh and blush, as my mother looked me in the eyes. “It’s true!” she’d say. “You were meant to be somebody.”

And so it began; I started reaching for my stars. Sometimes I succeeded and other times I fell. But no matter what, I’d brush myself right off and get back at it.

People always tell me I’m fighter; a go-getter, a “mighty mouse.” And while I may largely have my genes to thank, it was those words that kept me going. So, I count myself as lucky.

I’ve learnt that many have not known, my mother’s encouraging ways. So today, I turn to you as your ra-ra team in arms.

Who is it that you want to be? What dreams have been left dormant?

Cause You can be anything! Anybody you want to be. And never, I mean never, be afraid to reach for the stars!

Nows your time, there’s no moment like the present.

You were born to be a city, set high upon on a hill; a light in shadowed darkness, a leader of your own. Your path is uniquely yours and it’s ready to be paved. So grab your big girl panties and find that ladder to your star!


One thought on “Ladder to the Stars

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