Waiting. something we’ve come to despise and resent in today’s society. 

It holds us back.. it stunts our progress.. it’s inconvenience and it most certainly derails our plans.

We grow up believing life is in the big moments, the next chapter; and the time in between is nothing but an accumulation of waiting- time we’d rather forget about, unworthy of our attention.

We spend so much of those (in between) moments focusing on the future, that we miss the real beauty that arrives in waiting.

For in the still moments, the ones where we’re ready and able to be present, to fully absorb every. tiny. sensation. we discover a joy (perhaps even newness) in mundane, that sets our hearts on fire. And it’s in those moments we hear God speaking, in a soft whisper that echos through our souls.

In the period of “Making my Business Happen” I dedicated myself to waiting. It was five months of the most beautiful self discovery. Never before had I felt so present, content and connected to my God.

Don’t be fooled, they were also the HARDEST months of my life…

But it was because of that stillness and my commitment to embrace “waiting,” that I emerged from such a cocoon, as a beautiful butterfly ready to soar.

Almost a year later, I still reflect on that time in my life regularly. As beautiful as life’s big moments I, I now know its in the little moments that my soul is most content.

I have all I need, right now, in this very moment…quiet and still to hear the echos of my heart.


One thought on “Waiting.

For a long time I felt unnoticed and longed for community- to find “my people.” You are it! Please know your presence here means something to me, so don’t be a stranger. I read every comment both on the blog and on social media and do my absolute best to respond to every one!

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