This is our Day and Age..

With a background and education in Brand Management, I can’t count how many times I find myself trying to emphasize this day and age’s market to other entrepreneurs. And when it comes to the wedding industry, I feel like many vendors still live in the stone age and refuse to see the changing market.

Reality is, things are different, including the client. Their wants, expectations and ways of doing business are vastly different from that of even 3 years ago. You either adapt or fall off the map… it’s blunt but true. 

And after reading this article, I thought it noteworthy of sharing for all those entrepreneurs, specifically within the wedding industry. I couldn’t have said it better myself!


” What does the term millennial mean?

Millennials are the generation born between 1979-2000, also known as Gen Y (but they hate being called Gen Y).

Millennials are the largest generation alive (1/3 of total world population) and are 33% larger than the Boomers (the second largest generation).

Millennials account for more than 70% of weddings today. Up until 2007, the majority of couples were Gen X.

The oldest millennials are 33, the youngest are 12, so they’ll be the majority wedding consumer for a long time.

Millennials remember Princess Diana’s funeral, not her wedding. AIDS has always existed & Barbie has always had a job.

Why should wedding pros no longer focus on just marketing to the bride?

75% of millennials had a working mother and consider women and men equals. Traditional wedding duties are now seen as sexist.

65% of grooms today are actively involved in their wedding planning and their decisions carry equal weight.

95% of today’s grooms are actively involved in the registry process. It’s “our” home, not just the “bride’s” home.

Since more men cook now (no longer a stigma), wedding registries are seeing a spike in specialty kitchen items.

Using “it’s all about the bride” or “clueless groom” stereotypes in today’s marketing turns off millennial clients.

Same-sex weddings and commitment ceremonies are also increasing. Only saying “brides” doesn’t do you any marketing favors.”


Now ask yourself: Is my business’ message, branding and practices sitting where they need to be?! I suggest you re-work and re-evaluate where needed. 

Have questions? Feel free to email me. I’d be happy to offer feedback!


For more on what millennials think, buy, value, their level of education, worldview and how this all effects how they plan they’re wedding, read the full post here.




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