Authentic Leadership

Many us were meant to lead, but not in the traditional sense of the word.

Yes, some of us were meant to stand at a podium, speaking out to thousands of eager ears. But others, in greater number, were meant to lead those around us; our family, friends, workplace and even community. In areas where people trust us enough to listen and act upon our words AND our actions. Whether it’s a a difficult time in someone’s life, a bad habit they wish to break, a way of life or even in day to day motions, we can help guide, inspire and lead people in a positive direction; towards authenticity and a place where their inner self, matches their outer self. {for me, this place is a place where God the Father lives, in our hearts and helps to mold us each and every day, into the people we were meant to be.}

At times, we fail to see this as a wondrous opportunity and without purposeful intent on our part, we can turn this gift into a curse.

“You cannot create an outer life that’s any/more ______, than your inner life’s______.”

You can apply this statement to any character trait or adjective you wish to present to this world; Bigger, Stronger, Successful, Influential, Graceful, or even Godly.

To authentically lead, we must look inward first! If our inner self is not parallel with our outer self, our facade will eventually break, many times, leaving us vulnerable to hypocrisy. We’ve all met these people: you meet them and they seem to have it all together: the loving, connected family, the successful and thriving career, the strong moral values, the lively and active church community, the centered wholeness. (Insert whatever desires of your heart you look for in other people. Don’t kid yourself, we all do it!) 

Time goes by and what appeared to be, is slowly falling to the ground; the connected family eats separately and the equality in partners, is realistically anything but. The thriving career is a financial success but it takes away from family time and comes first, always. The moral values separate them from those who think differently, creating a barrier of un-acceptance. The admirable church community is a group of self motivators, that fail to reach out and touch the lives of those who need it most. And finally, that centered wholeness is nothing but a cover up. Deep down is a host of insecurity and inner brokenness.

For those of you with your mouths wide open, shocked at such boldness, hear me out…. each of us, in one facet or another can be grouped into this scenario, including me. It’s not because we’re terrible people or that we wish to disceve the world. I believe it to be shame and due to this shame, we choose to push it out of sight, hide it under the rug and look forward. We choose to present our desired selves to the world, before we’ve looked inward and worked to overcome our brokeness.  We must first forgive ourselves of our iniquities and our past and present that to a God who will mold our hearts a-new. must  We must simply ask! 

Sure, we’re all a work in progress and never will we have reached a place of “perfection,” but by looking inwards first, we are being truly authentic in our approach. By accepting ourselves with forgiveness and a desire to change/grow, rather than ignorance and denial, we pave the way for a genuine portrayal. We begin to see that brokeness as beautiful and present our true selves to the world. And in doing so, we begin to know compassion and mercy, just as we’ve come to know of ourselves; in turn, we will treat others with such grace. We will come to know acceptance and will encourage others, just as we do ourselves. And inevitably, we become equals, with no division, where there’s a sense of community for all.

Because in reality, we are all a broken people. But when our hearts change first, we change. This is to lead authentically.

How beautiful is that?!


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