Conscious of our Treasures


“I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so bad!” ~ The Sound of Music

There is so much truth in this famous line from one of my nearest and dearest favorite movies.

Life gets busy, the B + C list’s get pushed to F list and you’re running around like a crazy person, attempting to feel accomplished. When life gets like this, no matter how hard I try or what I do, there’s never enough time in that day. And the reality is, that many times the things I’m pushing for will never fill the “accomplished” void im seeking. That belongs to my God.

For a long time, I pushed hard, trying to jam that square into a circle. And at the end of the day, I still felt small.

Fed up with my obsessive, extremely A- type personality, I made a list; a list of all the things that made me happy, no matter the circumstance. These things were my sheer joy, pure bliss, peace and serenity. They make my heart feel warm and fuzzy. And while it may have taken me years to realize it, they now are my measuring stick for life.

When these things are lacking in my week, I know I’m running too hard. I’m pushing beyond enjoyment and its time to take a step back and enjoy life. After all, at the end of the journey, these are the moments that matter; Not work, not the toys, not the money.

Meet my measuring stick!

1. Jitter beans and Talk shows
~Morning Coffee over Regis & Kelly

Everymorning Dave wakes me up with a cup of his perfectly perfected cafe java. Truth be told, it my favourite! (even more than starbucks…. but don’t tell anyone. I have a rep to maintain!)
We proceed to our ususl spots (mine on the Big Bird Yellow Sofa Chair, his, the left hand corner of our couch) and visit for a few minutes before our show starts. We both have the luxury (most mornings) of being able to take this time out to relax and set the tone for our days. Surprisingly, this is sometimes enough to keep us feeling connected during hectic weeks, that leave little time for date nights. Regis & Kelly finishes off our morning routine perfectly, with a few good cheesy laughs and my daily fix of Kelly’s fabulous waredrobe selections.

2.Clasps of Love
~Hand holding in the car, grocery shoping, on the couch, where ever.

Ever since I met Dave, I knew there was something difference about him; something that made me feel more connected to a man, then I ever had. It was his touch, constantly: his way of showing me he was there, in the moment, and present. Our hands clasped together is a reminder that we’re in this togther, always. Not one following the other, but side by side, as a couple, because neither of us would choose to do it alone!

3.Foot on Path
~trails runs along the water with my pooch, Guiness

I am blessed to live in a glorious town. A small waterfront community, in an apartment, whos every room looks to the water and trails. The view speaks to me, each day in different ways. Most days, it pulls me outside, Guiness, my chocolate brown Labradoodle in tow, to put foot to path and hear the beat of my heart and sound of my breath. In these moments, I can think clearly, appreciate the place I live in and savour the moment.

4.Banter & Wine
~Weekly date nights with our adopted family

My friends are family and my time with them is imperitive! I do everything in my power to uphold our weekly traditions. To me, that time is sacrisanct. Wednesday nights, 10 of us gather for a pot luck dinner. Each week the roles rotate, but me, I’m always on dessert! (They love my oh so naughty, sweet treats!) In those four hours, nothing else matters. The concersation flows, (in conjuction with the wine) and togther, over a meal, we reconnect. These people are the essence of my happiness.

5.Worship & Praise
~Sunday dates with the Big Man upstairs

Every Saturday, I get excited for tomorrow. Sunday mornings are dedicated to spending time with the one, who above all else, matters most. God has transformed my life, in ways this little blog could not express, and has filled my heart with a desire to love him, praise him and serve him, in all that I do. I leave service, each sunday, invigorated, passionate and inspired to live my faith, every day. If a woman like me can come to know Christ, than anyone can and should! It’s a beautiful thing.

6. Humourous Innocence
~Watching cheesy TV shows & classic movies

TV now, comprises mostly of trash; drama, wealth, power, status and money. And after watching certain shows, my mood would change. Until I cut crappy TV out of my life as an experiment (for a pre-determined amount of time), I never realized how effected I was by it. I’ve always loved the innocence of 90’s TV sitcomes and Old Classic movies from the Golden Era.

Re-runs of shows like, According to Jim, Golden Girls, Home Improvement, Reba and Gilmore Girls, have become my escape. I watch them to unwind and leave the couch feeling warm and fuzzy. The morals are in check, the humour innocent but still funny and the dynamics are admirable.

I also collect, classic movies, any thing with Audrey, Barbara, Marilyn and Julie Andrews, are a MUST! These films bring me to a time when things were so much simpler, (even though they had their own trials) and I love the naustalgia that comes along with it.

7.The words of Truth
~Night time cuddles & reading with my Boys

When the TV clicks off, Guiness runs to the bed. This is his (and our) favourite time of day. The three of us crawl in to bed, and snuggle up close with our books. Our devotions and Scripture reading come first, and after that, we let our minds wander. Some times it fiction, others is non-fcition. But never-the-less, our night time routine is precious.

So, tell me: What is your measuring stick? 

For a long time I felt unnoticed and longed for community- to find “my people.” You are it! Please know your presence here means something to me, so don’t be a stranger. I read every comment both on the blog and on social media and do my absolute best to respond to every one!

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