Not ashamed to read children’s books.


“I’m not ashamed of the gospel; not ashamed of Jesus Christ. Not afraid to stand and boldly say, this is my life.” Jeremy Camp

Know what else I’m not afraid of? Reading children’s books: the illustrated children’s bible to be exact!

Yes, that may seem ridiculous, but here’s the thing….

I grew up Catholic and as a Catholic we left the reading of the bible to the Priest. He was the closest one to God and would therefor, declare the most accurate interpretation of the bible.

So, when I came to faith as an adult Christian, I felt lost, sometimes even stupid. Why couldn’t I remember these stories? Why couldn’t I understand this writing? It was like grade ten algebra all over again!

Well, I’m right brained. I need to read for myself. Listening only half sticks and I need time, to process and take in.

But instead of seeking help I stayed true to my stubborn nature and went at it alone. Besides sermons and audio lectures, I spent the last four years, learning to read and understand the bible for myself. While I’ve made leaps and bounds, I still get frustrated!  Why? Because I can’t keep all the stories straight, I don’t know the chronological order of evens and still, I struggle with the meaning of it’s language, half the time.  And furthermore,  like most things, I want to get it and well, NOW!

Up until yesterday, I’ve used a study guide to help interpret and fill in the blanks I seem to be missing. But I still want more; to know and understand the bible better, like one large story book, that paints pictures, has sound and moves in my mind.

So, at the suggestion of my husband, I humbled my pride and purchased an illustrated children’s bible.

No. I’m not ashamed.



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