Just the Beginning.

The mail man greeted me with a smile.

“This one looks good.” He said, handing me the envelope. “Either a wedding invitation, a postcard from grandma or something really official.”

I looked down to spot what looked like a Lara Casey special: Thick and Weighty. Elegant Stamps. Hand Addressed. And sure enough, as I turned it over, beamed the lovely “Swoosh” signature and Chapel Hill address. I giggled.

Here’s a woman, weeks, heck maybe even days, from giving birth, taking the time to send me a thoughtful, hand-written card of encouragement and thanks. I am so grateful for such acts of kindness and it’s gestures like these, that make this modern business world feel warm again. And to be honest, my journey with Making Brands Happen, was that, almost in entirety; warm, kind and encouraging.

Putting yourself out there, can be difficult: putting your hopes and dreams out there, for someone else to analyze, can be even more intimidating. But I wish for you to know, its worth it in the end.

I had tried for many years to give the world what I thought it wanted and to get there quick. I took the path most travelled, rather than approaching business authentically and with the heart of my passion. I lost courage, inevitably, many times over, before finally reaching my “aha” moment.

And this time, in rediscovering myself through MBH, I did it the right way; the path least travelled; one so over grown, pebbled and hilly, I thought I’d never make it through.

“Embrace the struggle. Buy in, whole heartedly.”

But, the light finally shone bright and I could not be more pleased and delighted with all my brand (and I) have become.

I learnt to accept my flaws and see them as beautiful. I learnt that in my weaknesses, God’s strength is made perfect and his Grace, is sufficient enough for me. I learnt to hold myself to HIS standards, rather than my (unattainable and disheartening) standard of “perfection.” And in approaching my everyday life with this standard, I finally found the joy and contentment I was seeking in myself and in my business.

I was no longer trying to be someone or something. Just me: authentically raw, vulnerable and completely transparent.

While this is only the beginning, I am sad to see my time with MBH close. It has been one of immeasurable joy and I looked forward to every email, phone call and proof. The team at MBH inspired me every day to be a more authentic and brilliant version of myself and most importantly, to give all Glory to God. Their energy, charism and character, is addictive and they infused my days with it; thank you seems so small.

So, for those looking to dream a little dream, I dare you; take one step and watch the Blessings unfold.

“It is your Father’s great pleasure, to give you the Kingdom.” Luke 12:34


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