Blessed and Loved

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I went for coffee. It felt like weeks, since we’d spent real quality time together; just us, no distractions.

For nearly five hours we sat together, sharing our souls, laughing and {possibly} shed a few happy tears. In these moments, I am complete. My heart sings, and every inhibitions, worry and fear, ceases. I simply, just am. Being. Living. In the Moment. I need nothing more than my girls and a fancy coffee.

Finally reaching a place, where I am at ease with my wedding, has brought great relief {for all of us} and together, we made giddy plans for the big day; as if all were perfect, in my wedding world. Then she handed me an envelope.

Delicately wrapped in the most luscious of papers. Tied ever, so pretty, in a bow and embossed, daintily, with my name.

“You give so much, in making others feel beautiful and special. Now it’s our turn to show you how much we love you.” I choked. Words escaped and my mind went blank. All that could be seen was a stupid smile and eyes wide open.

It was my bridal shower invite.

I carefully unwrapped the package, to reveal the prettiest of invites I’ve ever received. The detail was undeniable and the home-grown card, was impeccable in style.

“You made this?! and for me?” 

Every little thing, perfectly me.  Color. Text. Image. Weight. Style. Accents. The whole thing screamed Kailey!

I was and still am touched, by such a thoughtful and time-consuming gesture. Love as the motive. A pure, honest, can’t imagine life without you, girlfriend kind of love. This is what I have and I for that, I am truly blessed. 

But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother~ Proverbs 18:24


Now, scroll back up and take another peak at this incredible invite: Oh, my lovely!


One thought on “Blessed and Loved

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