The “originality” game



Far too often we hear people speak of originality, with a negetive conotation.

Someone’s copied them, they had the idea first or their floundering in a sea of “wanna be’s.” I choose to see this as a good thing; a complement!  It means you’re doing something right and people are outwardly acknowledging it! But heres a secret….

“No one can be a better you, than YOU!” 

Their attempts may be admiral, persistent and possibly even a great second, but their not you, in it’s truest most authentic form. And after awhile, their attempts will faulter and fade. After all, its exhausting trying to be something your not; They’ll eventually give up.

“You” is natural, genuine and pure in form. You will only continue to grow, become stronger and develop into an even better version! So, stop worrying about originality or the amount of “copy cat’s” in a sea of many fish.

There’s only one person as bright and beautiful as you. So stop worrying and start living! Shine bright and lead the way…..



For a long time I felt unnoticed and longed for community- to find “my people.” You are it! Please know your presence here means something to me, so don’t be a stranger. I read every comment both on the blog and on social media and do my absolute best to respond to every one!

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