Too short to play small

Life that is.  “Life is too short to play small.”

Yesterday, I received the best mail I’ve had in months: a hand written card, from the lovely ladies whom I have the ultimate pleasure of working with: Lara Casey and Emily Ley. Boy, am I grateful they took a leap of faith and started Making Brands Happen. While the card may be a small gesture, that took mere minutes out of their day, it now sits framed on my desk, as a constant reminder of the things ahead. The butterfly’s swarm, each time I look at it and a beam of gratitude sits stupidly across my face. It’s my “giddy 5 year old in the candy aisle” look.

Years  and years ago, {which feel like a lifetime past} I fell upon one of Lara’s {numerous} blogs.  I can’t tell you how or what led there, but, it really was an answer to a prayer.  I had been struggling to find like minded wedding professionals, who openly spoke and admitted their faith, publicly.  Individuals, who used it as a back bone to not only their life, but also their business. I felt like I was hiding during the work day, in fear of being labelled a “hokey Christian.” Lara was honest, open and real… about everything! Admitting her faults, her trials in business and accepting what is, right now, at this very moment. It was a breath of fresh air, and I’ve come to value her daily ramblings, more than words can possibly express. Words that continue to give me hope, provide encouragement through tough days and teach me, to rejoice and praise God in everything.

Finally after years of screen stalking, I had the ultimate pleasure of  meeting Lara in person, at Engage! 09 Encore. I made a complete fool of myself, nervous like a shy preschooler and timid in my fragile state. It’s amazing how we build people up in our minds and allow our usual, confident and outgoing self, to hide in the back. If nothing else, it made for a memorable and somewhat humorous first impression! Little did I know, less than two years later, we would be working side by side in creating a dream. My dream, for once. One that’s sat by the wayside for four years, as I pushed others into the forefront, using my own talents and skills. I was afraid of success and showing face in an intimating market;  and ultimately, terrified of failing. {by failing, I mean falling short of my ridiculous expectations of perfection!} 

But with growth and numerous lessons under my belt, I step out in faith and walk, one foot in front of the other, pushing through the fear the bound me for years. Nows my time…..and yours!

I encourage you to take that first step, right now. Go after your dreams and say NO to hiding. You were given these talents, passions and abilities for a reason. Not utilizing them would be a shame, a waste and a sin! Do what makes you happy and inspire others to do the same.  Not tomorrow or next year. Today!

“Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them.” Romans 12:6


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