The Lessons I’ve Learned

I laugh when I listen to people speak of when we first met.

As one of my dearest girlfriend recalls, ” I thought to myself, who is this girl?!  She’s been a pageant contestant, competitive dancer, personal trainer, fitness competitor, brand management consultant, writer, wedding profession and the list goes on! “

While to some it may seem scattered, or even absurd, I am a woman of many facets. I love change, adventure and challenge. I like to push myself, further than I thought possible.  And with each experience, I take knowledge, life lessons and a sense of accomplishment.

Some lessons I relish; others, I ponder. But one things for certain: there is no such thing as failure. Only growth. and I choose to grow, continually, into the person God created me to be. Raw, vulnerable and real.

  • I’ve learnt I’m not invincible and I’m not the best at everything.
  • I’ve learnt to take copying as a complement and a reminder that no job is ever perfected.  I can always be better: growth is never finished. 
  • I’ve learnt not to care what others think and rather focus on being the best me, I can possible be!
  • I’ve learnt my timing is different than God’s and {reluctantly I admit} his is always perfect. 
  • I’ve learnt success is what you deem it and to everyone, it’s something different. 
  • I’ve learnt to relish in small successes but not accept it, as status quo.
  • I’ve learnt the little things make me happy. The rest is just a bonus! 
  • I’ve learnt I’m not an island: my friends, my family, my network, my God. All vital and imperative, to my happiness and success.
  • I’ve learnt not to hide in fear: acknowledge & own it, call it by name and push right through it.
  • I’ve learnt the path less travelled is mine and I was destined for bigger things. I can feel it in my bones: Big change, Big Growth, Big Courage.

I take a big breath in and {exhale.} I’m ready: Let the journey unfold.


One thought on “The Lessons I’ve Learned

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